Story Bombs!
Our unique StoryBombs workshops have been specially created to help young people find their voice through radio drama.

Making sure every voice is heard

We work with disadvantaged groups like young carers to help them write and record their very own radio play from scratch.

Each play is then hosted on our very own podcast – made available on Spotify, so the world can tune in!

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A new way to tell a story

Starting with a scenario, we guide our groups through the the writing process, helping them build their own story. Then we show them how to make sound effects with everyday objects and write music to bring out the drama.

Everything is then put together and professionally edited by our in-house studio whizz Al.

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Different voices, different stories

StoryBombs started because Al noticed in his work with established companies like the BBC that it was often the same kind of voices telling the same kind of stories.

Part of our mission at Hybrid is to give everyone a voice – especially those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be heard. We wanted young people in our community to have the chance to tell their own story, their way – and to give a platform to that.

Storybombs is the result and we’re really proud of it, and proud of all the young people we’ve been able to work with so far.

Accessible to everyone

During the COVID pandemic, we adapted the StoryBombs to make them available as online workshops.

This means you can get involved, wherever you are!

We’re really excited to be able to create new stories with young people up and down the country.

Explore our story prompts below to get your creative cogs whirring – then give us a shout if you’d like us to run an online workshop for you!

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StoryBombs prompt - The Deep