Hybrid Play

Learn. Play. Create.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and we’re passionate about giving people the tools to find their voice. Hybrid Play is the educational side of our studio, working to develop new talent in the community.


Our unique StoryBombs workshops give young people the chance to write and record their very own radio play – complete with sound effects and music.

This is part of our mission to give everyone their chance to shine, especially those who don’t usually have the time or resources – such as young carers.

Get Involved

Music Lessons

Want to channel your inner Hendrix? We offer music lessons in a range of instruments. Affordable rates in a comfortable and professional setting.



Unleash your creativity

Audio production courses

We’re currently developing a set of comprehensive one and two day courses in sound production, designed to be one-on-one and tailored to each individual’s learning goals.


We are planning to roll these out in 2021 – stay tuned!



Our audio production services