We launched Hybrid3 in 2015 with a mission to champion and nurture creative talent in the community.

Hybrid Pro

We wanted to create a custom-built space with sound at its heart, providing top quality rehearsal and recording facilities for musicians, engineers and audio creatives.

Our studio and rehearsal facilities have been meticulously built for sound from the ground up. We’ve poured our passion for audio into every part of the design to make sure that, whether it’s practice or performance, you always get the best quality possible. 

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Hybrid Play

We believe that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, no matter what their background – and that’s the ethos of our social enterprise, Hybrid Play. 

We’re passionate about tapping into undiscovered local talent, giving a platform to young people’s voices through workshops, music lessons and development opportunities.

Hybrid 3 Social Enterprise Limited | Company number 09725677
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Our StoryBomb workshops are fuelled by this core belief. We help disadvantaged groups of young people write and record their own radio play – complete with sound effects and music. 

Now in its successful fifth year, StoryBombs has evolved into an online workshop with the capacity to reach more and more groups of young people across the country. 

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The Team

Hybrid was created by a core group of founders who share a love of audio, exploration, and community.

We are: